004 How to calculate holiday accrual in Austria

Here another free podcast in Austrian payroll – this time about a speciality: calculation of holiday accruals. What is it, why do you need to deliver this to finance, how to calculate pro rata values and further more! More information regarding the holiday accruals can be found in this blogpost or in my WebVideo, including Weiterlesen…

003 Holiday entitlement in Austria and other absences

How do holidays work in Austria and what about other absences in austrian companys? How much holidays does an employee have per year? When does the holiday expire and is it necessary to agree on it in written from? What are special holidays? How does sickness leave work and how care absences/leaves? What other absences Weiterlesen…

002 Content of an Austrian Payslip

How is a salary slip in Austria structured? What is added up in the gross sum? How does social security and income tax work in Austria? What about additional costs? If you need a good overview in Austrian payroll this podcast gives you some good insights – in a nutshell!

001 Types of termination of employment contracts

What are the possibilities to terminate an employment contract in Austria? – Explained in a nutshell: Solution during the probationary period | temporary or time limited contract | Employee termination | Employer termination | Dismissal | Early resignations | Mutual solution